Regrade Scheme

Audiocadabra™ Regrade Scheme offers up to 70% trade-in value, of what you paid, when you return your used cables and regrade to a new higher grade cables from our catalog.


Should you choose to regrade your used Audiocadabra cables then we recommend that you get in touch with us for a trade-in/regrade approval along with a quote from us via email. Send your original cable back to us, preferably by postal service that can be tracked, as per detailed mailing instructions that will be emailed to you in the RMA email. We will ship your regraded order as soon as we receive the old cable from you.

Trade-in values for standard cable lengths:

  • Regrade your cables within one year: Receive up to 70% of what you paid.
  • Regrade your cables within two years: Receive up to 50% of what you paid.
  • Regrade your cables over two years: Receive up to 30% of what you paid.

Non-standard cables (lengths and terminations which are not listed in our catalog) receive 10% lower trade-in value. So, for example, if you regrade a cable that you bought within 2 years you will receive up to 40%, rather than 50%, of the original purchase price.

By ‘Regrade’ we mean ‘like for like’ (e.g. from an Optimus Dual USB cable with Type-A to Type-B plugs in 1m to Ultimus Dual USB cable with Type-A to Type-B plugs in 1m), with the new cable being of a higher quality than the old cable and of similar length and configuration.

The trade-in value is determined by the age of the product, originally purchased, and is adjusted against the list/regular price and may not be adjusted against the selling price of the new product being regraded to.

Regrade offers may or may not qualify for free shipping. Standard shipping charges, as per service selected, may apply. This should be clarified at the time of finalizing the regrade.

Exceptions to this policy may apply with certain orders. Approval/disapproval of the trade-in offers are strictly discretionary and our decision is final.

Our policies are subject to updation or change without notice.

For any queries kindly contact us and we are more than happy to assist you.