“Music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.”― Berthold Auerbach

If it makes sound, we can help you make it sing with our quality custom handcrafted audio cords, cables and accessories. We are nonconformists who dare to challenge conventional wisdom in everything that we do. We design products that are unlike any other audio brand available today—our products are made to order, crafted to last a lifetime of listening pleasure and built to a standard by which other audio cables, regardless of price, may be judged. We strive to achieve our motto in each and every cord and cable that we design and build—the closest approach to the original signal.

Every audio cable is a balance between performance and penalties—this balance is determined by wire geometry, mechanical construction and material science. Our pursuit has always been to optimize performance by tweaking that balance in the audio accessories that we design. The result is a sonic neutrality, transparency and synergy that will allow you to hear how great your audio system actually sounds.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! Our simple looking and affordable cables are very well researched, tested and engineered products. All Audiocadabra SuperClear cords and SuperQuiet cables are developed by us after extensive listening tests, over a period of several years, using countless prototypes. All materials used in our products are meticulously manufactured to specifications and are available exclusively from us.

The SuperQuiet cables employ advanced wire geometries with double braid-shielding technology for EMI and RFI immunity, superior dampening mechanism to reduce mechanical vibrations and apt grounding strategies used ensures one of the lowest noise floor of any audio cables, regardless of price, resulting in a velvet black background to the music.

Audiocadabra Ultimus Handcrafted Solid-Silver SuperClear Cord Construction

We started handcrafting cables in 2005 more as a personal pursuit due to disappointing performances from expensive solutions available at the time. Over time, we have evolved into a premium e-commerce site that caters directly to audiophiles globally with a wide assortment of custom handcrafted audio products.

Audiocadabra™ has delighted audiophiles in 39 countries: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Philippines, Russia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Trinidad & Tobago, UK, UAE, USA, Vietnam…

Audiocadabra™ custom handcrafted audio products are available in many grades of value. We guarantee unbeatable value, quality and performance regardless of the grade you select from our catalog. We achieved this by eliminating virtually all potential bottlenecks from the way we conduct our business—with a proven information-age direct-to-customer business model that eliminates entire layers of markup within the supply chain. We spend less on marketing, packaging, distribution… and focus on where it matters the most—our products and our customers.

Audiocadabra 106% IACS Pure Solid-Silver Wire—Cutaway

We believe in a less is more approach to everything that we do! Audiocadabra™ came into existence after a lifetime of research, testing and listening. High priced, fancy looking, mass manufactured cables and their ‘beefed-up’/’fancy-looking’ approach don’t always result in an accurate and emotive listening experience. We discovered, from practical experience, that the quality of cables can make all the difference in the performance of an audio system. Our customers value the ability of our cables to unleash the hidden performance of their audio systems, which also helps them to appreciate and emotionally connect with the audio being reproduced.

We’ve turned conventional cable making wisdom inside out, revisiting and reviewing everything we knew–from type/thickness of dielectric used for different impedances, dielectric color pigments for differing modulus of elasticity, different jacketing materials used for improving appearance, interference reduction techniques using different cable geometries and shielding materials/strategies, optimizing electrical parameters by using various types of metal conductors and connectors in different gauges, cable construction and termination methods–the result is an easy to use and simple looking cables that enthralls and transports you to where the recording actually took place.

As a pioneering brand of handcrafted audio cables, in our subcontinent, we are the first to handcraft pure solid-silver Dual-Headed USB Cables, 6-wire Headphone Upgrade Cables… to name a few of our achievements. We are constantly trying new ideas/designs and testing the concepts in real world audiophile conditions by actually listening to our cables before we build it for our customers. We’ve spent a lifetime developing and perfecting our handcrafted cables, and hope they’ll help you enjoy a lifetime of music!

Thank you for your interest in our products and for visiting our website. We invite you to experience the closest approach to the original signal with our custom handcrafted solid-silver audio cables & accessories!


Team Audiocadabra

Audiocadabra 106% IACS Pure Solid-Silver Coaxial Cable—Cutaway


Grades & Regrades

It’s all about setting the spectral balance of your listening experience and that’s exactly what we do. We use stranded-copper, solid-copper, stranded-silver and solid-silver sheathed with Teflon dielectric in SuperClear cords (unscreened) and SuperQuiet cables (screened) to help set the tone of what our customers seek in their listening experience. Our custom handcrafted audio SuperClear™ cords and SuperQuiet™ cables are classified in the following grades:

  • Maximus™ SuperClear™ Cords > uses carefully selected 101% IACS pure stranded-copper or solid-copper conductors sheathed in Teflon dielectric. Designed to delight audiophiles.
  • OptimusSuperQuiet™ Cables > uses carefully selected 101% IACS pure solid-copper conductors sheathed in Teflon dielectric and double braid-shielded. Designed to delight studiophiles and audiophiles alike.
  • UltimusSuperClear™ Cords > uses carefully selected 106% IACS pure solid-silver conductors in Teflon dielectric and sheathed in cotton sleeve. Designed to delight audiophiles.
  • Xtrimus™ SuperQuiet™ Cables > uses carefully selected 106% IACS pure solid-silver conductors that are sheathed in Teflon dielectric and double braid-shielded. Designed to delight studiophiles and audiophiles alike.
  • Suprimus™ SuperQuiet™ Cables & SuperClear™ Cords > uses only the very best designs in our catalog with carefully selected pure silver or pure copper conductors that are sheathed in custom dielectric and can be double shielded in Graphene or Mu Metal. Low capacitance and low inductance designs to delight studiophiles and audiophiles alike.


Our product grades can be further regraded into the following quality grades:

  • Lite > Starting point of our catalog. Multiple lengths are available at the same base price.
  • Plus > The improved version of any grade—these sport better designs or better plugs or both.
  • Prime > The premium version of any grade—these may sport thicker or 2x the wire gauge used in the base grade  with advanced EMI braiding/shielding strategies.
  • eLite > The best of any grade/series—these sport flagship designs, these may sport thicker 2x the wire gauge used in prime grade, with advanced EMI braiding/shielding strategies.

*Some of the products, from our premium grades that are crafted in limited quantities, may not be listed on our website as they are offered first to existing customers via pre-screened invitations and custom orders only!

Audiocadabra Ultimus Hand-Braided 4-Wire Pure Solid-Silver SuperClear Cord Construction


Satisfaction Guarantee

When you buy from Audiocadabra™ you are guaranteed to pay less for more. Our prices are simply unmatched! If you see any custom handcrafted audio products, of similar quality (in choice of materials used, design and craftsmanship), listed at a lower price elsewhere, kindly contact us and we will try our best to price match or counter offer a better deal.

Customer satisfaction is paramount to us! If any of our professionally handcrafted products do not meet your expectations in any way, you may exchange/return them within 15 days (02 weeks) of receipt. Returns must comply with the following:

  • Exchanges/returns must be approved by us with a Return Authorization (RA) email.
  • Detailed instructions, on how to ship returns back to us, will be included in the RA email.
  • The expectation is that the returns are shipped out within 01 week from when the RA is approved.
  • Products must be returned in ‘As New’ and resalable condition as determined by Audiocadabra.
  • Once returns are received, inspected and approved, buyer will receive full refund in the original payment method, less any shipping charges, in 10 working days.

Regretfully, we cannot take back special custom made orders in irregular variation/specification, lengths/colors, discounted/sale items, upgraded/regraded products, pre-cut/bulk wire spools or incorrectly placed orders. Orders that do not qualify for returns however qualifies for an exchange if the product is damaged/defective. In order to enjoy our money-back guarantee you may opt to buy our products, that are on sale, at its full retail value.

When returning please return products, in their original packaging, in factory condition (as new)/resalable condition as determined by Audiocadabra. Great care is taken to prevent physical and cosmetic damage to the goods when they are shipped to you. We expect the same consideration by asking you to use the same internal packaging as originally delivered (including the bubble wrap, invoice and label).

Postal Service (with tracking) is recommended when shipping returns back to us. If shipped via private courier then customs fees and/or courier brokerage fees will be deducted from the refund amount. Any additional fees in the form of shipping fees, import fees, courier brokerage fees… etc. to be borne by the customer.

Orders cancelled during processing time or before shipping may attract a minimum 25% cancellation fees, depending on what stage the order is, as determined by Audiocadabra, due to the highly skilled labor cost, incurred in man hours, that go into crafting our custom handcrafted products. Refunds will be processed within 10 working days after receipt of returns/cancellation of order placed.

When you consider buying any product from us, a formal consultation via email is recommended, to ensure that the products are right for your system and we will provide the benefits that you seek. Please remember that all the products, listed on our website, are handcrafted and customized to your system and specifications. Please review your system carefully, measure your cable lengths carefully, before ordering.

Audiocadabra 106% IACS Pure Solid-Silver StarQuad Cable—Cutaway


Lifetime Warranty

All Audiocadabra™ branded products, designed and crafted to give you a lifetime of listening pleasure, come with a lifetime of support and service backed by a lifetime warranty.

Because we have confidence in the quality, design and manufacture of our custom handcrafted audio products, the vast majority of Audiocadabra products, including all our cables and accessories, come with a Lifetime Warranty – this means we will cover against manufacturing faults and defects for a minimum of 20 years.

Audiocadabra warranty includes a lifetime of aftersales support and service. If your purchase proves to have manufacturing defects on delivery, Audiocadabra will provide without charge the parts and labor to remedy any such defect. Returns or repairs are applicable as stated in the product listing. Shipping and any other fees that may apply such as customs/courier brokerage etc. to be borne by the customer.

Damage due to unwise handling/an accident can be repaired by contacting us and obtaining a return authorization. Once we receive the product, we will inspect the damage, provide you with an estimate that will include the cost of any required materials, labor charge and shipping fees. Our standard labor rate is USD 30 per hour and worldwide EMS shipping charge is a flat rate of USD 29.

Exceptions to this policy apply to products that have been intentionally damaged, taken apart or modified. Any signs of misuse or abuse will automatically void any and all warranty privileges. The warranty applies to the original purchaser of the goods and is not transferable.

We are constantly trying/developing new innovative handcrafted products and we also make improvements based on our customer’s feedback. Our products’ specification are subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function, design or otherwise. Audiocadabra reserves the right to make changes in design and improvements upon its products without assuming any obligation to install such changes upon its products previously manufactured. No other warranty may be implied.

And if, for whatever reason, you have a problem, contact us – we are more than happy to assist you and we’ll always be there for you.

Audiocadabra Ultimus Hand-Braided 6-Wire Pure Solid-Silver SuperClear Cord Construction


Regrade Scheme

We understand that you don’t want to waste the money you’ve invested in your audio cables, so we offer up to 60% trade-in value, of what you paid, when you return your used/old Audiocadabra cable and regrade to a new, higher grade, Audiocadabra cable.

We suggest that you order your new cable, only after getting a trade-in approval and quote from us via email, to be able to compare it with your existing cable for total satisfaction. When you are satisfied with your regrade, send your original cable back to us, at your leisure, as per detailed mailing instructions that will be emailed to you.

Trade-in values for standard cable lengths:

  • Regrade your cables within one year: Receive up to 70% of what you paid.
  • Regrade your cables within two years: Receive up to 60% of what you paid.
  • Regrade your cables over two years: Receive up to 50% of what you paid.

Non-standard cables (lengths and terminations which are not listed in our catalog) receive 10% lower trade-in value. So, for example, if you regrade a cable that you bought within 2 years you will receive up to 40%, rather than 50%, of the original purchase price.

By ‘Regrade’ we mean ‘like for like’ (e.g. from a pair of Maximus Analog RCA Cables to a pair of Optimus Analog RCA Cables or a Optimus Dual-Headed USB cable to Ultimus Dual-Headed USB cable), with the new cable being of a higher quality than the old cable and of similar configuration.

The trade-in value is determined by the age of the product, originally purchased, and is adjusted against the list/regular price and not the selling price (which may/may not include a discount) of the new product being regraded to.

Exceptions to this policy may apply with certain orders. Approval/disapproval of the trade-in offers are strictly discretionary and our decision is final.

Audiocadabra Ultimus3 Handcrafted Solid-Silver DC Power Cord


Terms & Conditions

When you buy from our website you agree to the following TOS:

  • The power cables, sold on our website, are designed for indoor use with home audio/video equipment only. They are not recommended for outdoor use and for use with any other heavy/industrial electronic equipment. User discretion is advised to ensure that our power cables are used carefully in a dry and clean environment to ensure compliance with the customer’s local safety standards.
  • Gold/silver plating used in our products are only meant to protect the contacts from corrosion and is meant to last a lifetime when used under normal conditions. No aftermarket contact cleaners, other than dry wiping cloth, are recommended for use with our products. In the event that the plating wears off, we recommend that the connector be replaced by sending the cable back to us. Regular service charges apply.
  • The length mentioned for Audiocadabra braided cables are that of the wires used. Order 10% more than the required length to account for the shrinkage due braiding the wires.
  • Price matching/counter offers, where eligible, are only permitted before an order is placed.
  • Trade-in/regrade offers applies to repeat customers and are permitted only via email authorization.
  • Orders will be shipped out to the same address as what is mentioned on PayPal. If there is a change of address kindly update the same in PayPal before placing an order.
  • When an order is placed a confirmation email is sent within 48 hours, with specs of the custom order, this also provides an opportunity to amend the specs if anything is amiss/incorrect at the time of ordering. If we do not get any response, in 24 hours, we shall consider that the order is correct and will continue to process and complete the order as is.
  • Our responsibility for damaged/lost merchandise ends after we deliver to courier. Unless you purchase shipping insurance (contact us for pricing), all shipment loss/damage is at your (buyer’s) risk.
  • Tracking the order online, with information provided, and collecting the order from the local post office, after delivery is unsuccessfully attempted, is the buyer’s responsibility. Orders returned back to us due to such circumstances will not qualify for refund. Repacking and reshipping cost of USD 39 will apply if the order has to be resent.
  • We will endeavor to transfer to the customer the benefit of any warranty/guarantee given by the manufacturer of third-party branded products listed on our website.
  • Estimated date of dispatch will be emailed to you at the time confirming an order/after accepting the payment. Any further delay in the estimates given will be updated in PayPal or notified via email.
  • We are 100% committed to client confidentiality! We will only use your information to process your order, send product updates, and send package tracking information to you upon shipment. We promise to never sell, rent, lease, give or loan information you give to us to any third party. We reserve the right to waive this pledge in cases of fraudulent/unlawful activity.
  • Our product designs, specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice.
  • We reserve the right to deny a sale, trade-in/regrade offer or any of our ‘TOS’ to anyone without prejudice and without notice, at our discretion, to protect our business interests. Our decision is final!

Our Terms Of Service (TOS) are subject to change, depending on market conditions, without notice. We offer support only for products purchased directly from our website — audiocadabra.com.

Audiocadabra Ultimus3 Prime Handcrafted 12-AWG Solid-Silver Speaker Cords


Shipping Options

  • Enjoy free worldwide shipping, via international registered post, with all orders from Audiocadabra. These however cannot be tracked. International registered post reaches in 15 – 30 business days. This special offer is valid for countries covered by international registered post only.
  • Enjoy a free shipping upgrade to worldwide Express Mail Service (EMS) for orders above USD 99 or on lower amounts where specified. EMS reaches in 07 – 15 business days. This special offer is valid for countries covered by EMS only.
  • Enjoy a free shipping upgrade to Express (from Aramex, Citi-Link, Orion etc.) for orders above USD 299 or on lower amounts where specified. Express Shipping Service reaches in 05 – 07 business days. This special offer is valid for countries covered by private courier service.
  • Expedited Shipping Service (from UPS or other premium courier service providers) for orders above USD 499 or on lower amounts where specified.
  • Expedited Shipping Service reaches in 03 – 05 business days in most countries. This special offer is valid for countries covered by private courier service.

All shipping lead times are estimates that are subject to customs inspection and clearance at destination. COVID-19 has impacted all of the above estimates.

Customers from countries outside the international registered post or EMS coverage will have to buy a shipping upgrade or will be subject to higher minimum spends. All orders can be tracked online except the ones sent via international registered post. Trade-in/regrade offers may or may not qualify for these free shipping upgrades. Please check service coverage available in your country before buying shipping upgrades.

The regular shipping fees is a flat rate of USD 29 for EMS, USD 49 for Express Shipping Service and USD 69 for Expedited Shipping Service. For any queries kindly contact us and we are more than happy to assist you.


Turnaround Time

Since we specialize in custom handcrafted audio products, we do have a turnaround time for each order. The EDD (Estimated Date of Dispatch) will be emailed to you once you have placed an order from our website. EDD is subject to quantity and availability. Estimates, subject to backorders, are as follows:

  • Audiocadabra custom orders: 05-15 working days.
  • Audiocadabra bulk wire: 05-10 working days.


More Information

For more information about our products please refer to our FAQ page. For any queries kindly contact us and we are more than happy to assist you.

Audiocadabra Handcrafted Jumper Cable Business Cards


Copyright Warning

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