How To Check If Your DAC Needs USB 5V Power?

All Audiocadabra SuperQuiet USB cables can be customized as ‘data only’ USB cables on request, so then how to check if your DAC needs USB 5V power?

This page shows an easy way to check this with your existing DAC and USB cable. Photographs to follow…



  • USB Cable. Preferably a generic standby USB cable. See tips below.
  • Thin tape — either a magic tape or duct tape.
  • Scissors.
  • Toothpick or matchstick.



  • Cut a thin strip of tape that’s approximately 2 – 3 mm wide and 15 mm long.
  • Hold the USB Type-A male connector with the plastic insulator inside to be at the bottom half of connector.
  • Insert the thin strip of tape and cover the entire length of the 4th pin (first from right with the above mentioned orientation).
  • The leftover tape can be pulled-back and stuck to the outer surface of the USB connector. This disconnects the 5v power from the USB cable.
  • With the help of a toothpick or matchstick please ensure the tape is firmly and evenly stuck with no part of the 5v pin exposed.
  • Plug the USB cable back carefully and gently into your source (PC) and DAC. Power-up your computer audio system. If the DAC is able to handshake with the source and can play music then there’s no need for the 5V power. This means you can use the Audiocadabra Xtrimus Solid-Silver SuperQuiet USB Cable Mkl (Data-Only Version) — LINK.



  • Use a quality tape that does not leave any sticky glue residue. Always stick a small pieces of the tape on other surfaces to confirm this before using it with your USB cable. You don’t want to use a USB cable with sticky glue residue on one of the pins which will eventually dirty the USB socket of your source as well. So using a generic standby USB cable for this test is highly recommended.
  • Once the USB cable is unplugged after the above test please check if the tape is still secured with no part of the 5v pin exposed. If the tape is not secured in place then you will have to repeat the process till you get it right.
  • Turning the equipment off is highly recommended when plugging and unplugging cables.



If your DAC is self-powered and allows the use of data-only USB cable then we highly recommend that you upgrade the USB cable for a better listening experience.


Kindly contact us, should you need any further information about any of our products, using this—LINK.