Terms Of Service

When you buy from our website you agree to the following TOS:

  • The power cables, sold on our website, are designed for indoor use with home audio/video equipment only. They are not recommended for outdoor use and for use with any other heavy/industrial electronic equipment. User discretion is advised to ensure that our power cables are used carefully in a dry and clean environment to ensure compliance with the customer’s local safety standards.
  • The polarity of 120v and 240v AC wall receptacles are opposite. User discretion is advised to ensure that our power cables are used carefully to ensure compliance with the customer’s local safety standards.
  • Gold/silver plating used in our products are only meant to protect the contacts from corrosion and is meant to last a lifetime when used under normal conditions. No aftermarket contact cleaners, other than dry wiping cloth, are recommended for use with our products. In the event that the plating wears off, we recommend that the connector be replaced by sending the cable back to us. Regular service charges apply.
  • The length mentioned for Audiocadabra braided cables are that of the wires used. Order 10% more than the required length to account for the shrinkage due braiding the wires.
  • Price matching/counter offers, where eligible, are only permitted before an order is placed.
  • Trade-in/regrade offers applies to repeat customers and are permitted only via email authorization.
  • Orders will be shipped out to the same address as what is mentioned on PayPal. If there is a change of address kindly update the same in PayPal before placing an order.
  • Domestic orders, from India, may attract additional charge due import duty or local taxes or both where applicable.
  • 14 days risk-free trial is applicable for overseas orders only. Domestic orders, from India, can be processed via direct bank transfer.
  • Currency exchange is calculated at the rate of INR70/USD. Exchange rates will be revised, from time to time, without notice.
  • When an order is placed a confirmation email is sent within 48 hours, with specs of the custom order, this also provides an opportunity to amend the specs if anything is amiss/incorrect at the time of ordering. If we do not get any response, in 24 hours, we shall consider that the order is correct and will continue to process and complete the order as is.
  • Our responsibility for damaged/lost merchandise ends after we deliver to courier. Unless you purchase shipping insurance (please contact us for pricing), all shipment loss/damage is at your (buyer’s) risk.
  • Tracking the order online, with information provided, and collecting the order from the local post office, after delivery is unsuccessfully attempted, is the buyer’s responsibility. Orders returned back to us due to such circumstances will not qualify for refund. Repacking and reshipping cost of USD 39 will apply if the order has to be resent.
  • We will endeavor to transfer to the customer the benefit of any warranty/guarantee given by the manufacturer of third-party branded products listed on our ecommerce website.
  • Estimated date of dispatch will be emailed to you at the time confirming an order/after accepting the payment. Any further delay in the estimates given will be updated in PayPal or notified via email.
  • We are 100% committed to client confidentiality! We will only use your information to process your order, send product updates, and send package tracking information to you upon shipment. We promise to never sell, rent, lease, give or loan information you give to us to any third party. We reserve the right to waive this pledge in cases of fraudulent/unlawful activity.
  • Our product designs, specifications and pricing are subject to change without notice.
  • We reserve the right to deny a sale, trade-in/regrade offer or any of our ‘TOS’ to anyone without prejudice and without notice, at our discretion, to protect our business interests. Our decision is final!
  • Our Terms Of Service (TOS) are subject to change, depending on market conditions, without notice. We offer support only for products purchased directly from our website —

If you have any queries then kindly contact us and we are more than happy to assist you.