DACs That Work With ‘Data Only’ USB Cables

DACs That Work With ‘Data Only’ USB Cables
Audiocadabra Ultimus4 Solid-Silver SuperQuiet Data-Only USB Cable

All Audiocadabra USB cables can be customized for DACs that work with ‘Data Only’ USB cables. The Audiocadabra Xtrimus Solid-Silver SuperQuiet Data-Only USB Cables can be purchased and customized using this — LINK.

Simply add a note at PayPal checkout or contact us to customize your order using this—LINK.

Here is a list of DACs that are known to work with ‘Data Only’ USB cables:

  • McIntosh MA9000 Integrated Amp — LINK
  • Aqua Formula DAC — LINK
  • COS Engineering D1 DAC — LINK

If you have a DAC that works with ‘Data Only’ USB cables and is not in this list then kindly contact us and help us update this list.