Audiocadabra Ultimus Solid-Silver SuperClear XLR Cords

Audiocadabra Ultimus Solid-Silver SuperClear XLR Cords
Audiocadabra Ultimus Solid-Silver SuperClear XLR Cords

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Buy the Audiocadabra Ultimus Solid-Silver SuperClear XLR Cords for just USD xxx (was USD 299) apiece. Each additional 0.25 m is USD 40 (was USD 50).

Set the tone of your listening experience with Audiocadabra™ custom handcrafted SuperClear™ Cords and SuperQuiet™ cables! We are delighted to present to you the Audiocadabra Ultimus Solid-Silver SuperClear XLR Cords, our new-gen XLR cords, that are crafted with carefully selected 106% IACS pure solid-silver conductors sheathed in Teflon and terminated with premium-quality XLR connectors.

Every audio cable is a balance between performance and penalties—this balance is determined by wire geometry, mechanical construction and material science. Our pursuit has always been to optimize performance by tweaking that balance in the audio accessories that we design. The result is a tone, transparency and synergy that will allow you to hear how great your audio system actually sounds.

Only the finest materials are used to craft SuperClear Cords and they have an exemplary build quality that’s second to none.

Audiocadabra Ultimus Handcrafted Solid-Silver SuperClear Cord Construction



Why the Audiocadabra™ Ultimus™ Solid-Silver SuperClear™ XLR Cords are better:

  • New-gen version of the original Maximus series.
  • 24 AWG design.
  • Geometry optimized for superior EMI immunity.
  • Copper alloy XLR plugs for superior electrical contact.
  • Silver solder made in USA.
  • 106% IACS pure solid-silver conductors sheathed in Teflon.
  • Teflon dielectric manufactured and sheathed to specification.
  • Carefully selected conductor gauge for optimal performance.
  • These cables sound more open and transparent than more expensive brands.
  • Designed for hi-res audio playback.
  • Audiophile XLR cords that Instantly improves your audio listening experience.
  • Eligible for future upgrades and regrades.
  • Lifetime warranty, just post back for repairs.
  • Free worldwide shipping.


Turnaround Time

Typically within 05 – 10 business days and sometimes a bit longer. The EDD (Estimated Date of Dispatch) will be mentioned in the order confirmation email. EDD is subject to quantity, availability, customization and back-orders.



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