Audiocadabra Ultimus4 Prime Solid-Silver SuperClear RCA Cords

Audiocadabra Ultimus4 Prime Solid-Silver SuperClear RCA Cords
Audiocadabra Ultimus4 Prime Solid-Silver SuperClear RCA Cords

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The Ultimus cables are now available in new black sheathing. Choose multiple lengths for the same base price!

Buy the Audiocadabra Ultimus4 Prime Solid-Silver SuperClear RCA Cords for just USD 299 (was USD 329) a pair. Each additional 0.5 m is USD 00 (was USD 90). Kindly select from the options listed below before adding to cart:

Set the tone of your listening experience with Audiocadabra™ custom handcrafted SuperClear™ Cords and SuperQuiet™ cables! We are delighted to present the Audiocadabra Ultimus4 Prime Solid-Silver SuperClear RCA Cords, our 4th-Gen analog RCA cords, that are crafted with carefully selected 106% IACS pure solid-silver conductors individually sheathed in Teflon dielectric and terminated with copper-alloy RCA plugs.

We believe that there is no such thing as a ‘neutral sounding cable’; every audio cable is a balance between performance and penalties—this balance is determined by wire geometry, material science and mechanical construction. Our pursuit with the 4th-gen Audiocadabra cords is to minimize coloration and optimize performance using wire geometries that maximizes EMI immunity, premium custom materials that enhances performance and designs that enables meticulous craftsmanship. All of these improvements makes our custom handcrafted cords extremely quiet, effortlessly clear and tonally delightful.

In order to set a benchmark performance, all materials used in our products are meticulously manufactured to specifications and are available exclusively from us. The Audiocadabra Ultimus4 Prime Solid-Silver SuperClear RCA Cords employ advanced wire geometries optimized for EMI immunity, without the need for external shielding, paired with a low capacitance design resulting in a very open and transparent sound.

Audiocadabra 106% IACS Pure Solid-Silver Wire In Teflon Insulation—Cutaway



Why the Audiocadabra™ Ultimus4™ Prime Solid-Silver SuperQuiet™ RCA Cords are ideal:

  • Ultimus4 is an enhanced 4th-gen version of the original Ultimus series.
  • 21 AWG design.
  • 106% IACS pure solid-silver conductors.
  • StarQuad wire geometry for superior EMI immunity.
  • Proprietary Teflon cables exclusive to our catalog.
  • 24K gold-clad copper-alloy RCA connectors for superior electrical contact.
  • Soldered meticulously with minimal audio-grade silver solder.
  • Teflon dielectric manufactured and sheathed to specification.
  • Carefully selected conductor gauge for ultimate signal flow.
  • Ideal for any stereo or multi-channel analog audio application.
  • These cords sound more open and transparent than more expensive brands.
  • Designed for hi-res audio playback.
  • Instantly improves your home and desktop audio listening experience.
  • SuperClear RCA cords that are faithful to the original signal.
  • Eligible for future upgrades and regrades.
  • Lifetime warranty, just post back for repairs.
  • Free worldwide shipping.



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