Akiko Audio Tuning Stick Universal MkII

Akiko Audio Tuning Stick Universal MkII

Akiko Audio’s goal was to develop a Tuning Stick Universal MkII that could exceed the existing models of other brands and their own former Tuning Stick Universal. The Akiko Audio Tuning Stick XLR MkII has two twisted copper conductors and improved content for better effectiveness. The Tuning Stick XLR is based on a privileged technique and is absolutely unique in the high end accessories market. It all came to be by consistently applying known techniques and new insights, in the areas of crystal patterns, paramagnetic and piezoelectric properties of natural raw materials. This is all brought together in a stylish housing of woven carbon, a modern material, capable of enhancing the properties of these materials even further.

The Tuning Stick’s contents are stabilized with black resin, a material which sufficiently suppresses microphony effects. This is an important condition for a calm and pleasant rendering of the music. On top of that the fine metal foil sticker is energetically treated, which causes it to contribute on a sub molecular level. This is comparable to the WA Quantum products, also available in our web shop. Because of this all Akiko Audio Tuning Sticks have an excellent value for money. Furthermore, each Tuning Stick is designed and made by hand in Akiko Audio’s studio in Maastricht. All Akiko Audio products are handmade in Holland!

Akiko Audio Tuning Stick Universal MkII

Four versions of the Tuning Stick MkII is available in—AC, XLR, RCA and Universal, each with its own composition and specifically designed for its task in the audio/video setup. The Tuning Stick’s dimension is 150 mm x 22 mm.



Connected to the speaker cables with the accompanying Velcro strap. When connected as close as possible to the ends, the Tuning Stick Universal will clearly improve the sound. It will definitely be an upgrade for your speaker cables. Even the best and most expensive cables will sound better.

By now this model is used in shows and exhibitions by leading speaker cable manufactures. In combination with speaker cables, the Tuning Stick Universal works similarly to our existing model: the GEM1, but with a modern twist.

Connected to the analogue interlink and/or digital (coaxial) interlink with the accompanying Velcro strap.

Connected to the UTP data cable with the accompanying Velcro strap. Contrary to popular belief, data cables can be improved. After all power is needed to transport digital information and by enhancing that power supply the sound will always be improved.

Connected to the power cable. This use is very special, as the effect is different to placing our E-Tuning Gold, which has been developed especially for power cords. The Tuning Stick Universal causes a clean and fine sound with a lot of dimensionality, while the E-tuning Gold delivers a more analogue and ‘warm’ rendering.

Placed in the electricity meter cupboard, close to the network of your audio setup. Don’t forget the white grounding cable, the Tuning Stick can really surprise you here.

Placed on the rear side of your television. Connect it to the antenna cables of your cable and satellite TV with the Velcro strap.

As you can see the name ‘Universal’ was not arbitrarily chosen. The Tuning Stick Universal is an accessory which invites you to experiment. Because of the elegant, yet at the same time handy, design, the Tuning Stick can be placed inconspicuously in each set.



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