Audiocadabra Ultimus 16 AWG (1.30mm) Solid-Silver Wires

Unleash the emotion hidden in your music with Audiocadabra™ Ultimus Solid-Core Silver Wires. Here we present our audio grade 99.99% pure solid-core silver wires that are sheathed in PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon) insulation. Audiocadabra Ultimus 16 AWG (1.30mm) Solid-Core Silver Wires are formulated and tuned using only the finest materials and is now available to the DIY community and audio equipment manufacturers. Audiocadabra Ultimus 16 AWG (1.30mm) solid-core silver wires are custom manufactured using the highest quality materials and standards in the industry. You will not find better quality pure solid-core silver wires at this value anywhere!

Audiocadabra Ultimus 16 AWG (1.30mm) Solid-Core Silver Wires are perfectly suited for your cable needs with an insulation that is easy to work with. These audiophile grade solid-core silver wires can be made available in spools with or without spindles.


Audiocadabra Ultimus 16 AWG (1.30mm) Pure Solid-Core Silver Wire



Why the Ultimus Solid-Silver Wires are ideal:

  • High-purity (99.99%) 16 AWG (1.30mm) solid-core silver conductors.
  • These wires are custom manufactured to specs using the highest quality standards.
  • PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon) has the best dielectric properties of any known flexible insulator.
  • Low dielectric coefficient number of just 2.0.
  • Excellent choice for hi-end audio and video equipment.
  • PTFE insulation rated at 250vAC (Default – Can be customized for higher voltage).
  • Very wide operating temperature range (-65oC to +260oC).
  • Inert to most chemicals & fluids even at high temperature & pressure.
  • Good mechanical strength & flexibility.
  • Excellent resistance to corrosion and moisture.
  • Can be used in any environment.
  • Resistance to UV radiation & stress cracking.
  • Non-Flammable, they propagate neither fire nor flame.
  • Resistance to solder iron damage.
  • Available in a choice of different AWG.
  • Available in spools or spindles of 50m (165 ft.) or longer.
  • PTFE color is white (Default). Can be customized in other colors too for a MOQ of 50m.
  • Cryogenic treatment is optional at additional cost.
  • Free worldwide shipping on orders over USD 99.

Audiocadabra Ultimus 16AWG (1.30mm) Pure Solid-Core Silver Wire Spool With Spindle



  • The default PTFE insulation is rated at 250vAC. Higher rating of up to 1000vAC is available for a MOQ of 50m (165 ft.) spools or longer.
  • The default PTFE color is white. Other colors are available for a MOQ of 50m (165 ft.) spools or longer.
  • Cryogenic treatment is optional at additional cost.



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