ETI Audio Bayonet Plugs

ETI Audio Bayonet Plugs

The ETI Audio Bayonet Plugs delivers a pure audio signal from amplifier to speaker faster and cleaner than ever before. The conductive pin made of gold plated copper (TeCu) or pure silver (Ag) is the ideal thickness and mass to minimize the skin effect problem that hampers the performance of other banana connectors.

ETI Audio Gold Plated Copper Bayonet Plugs

The spring locking mechanism ensures maximum area of contact for efficient electron flow from our Copper or Silver pins. Like the BulletPlug, these connectors are long renowned for enhancing performance where none was thought to be found at the cable termination. Simple to solder to any cable, improved listening is achieved instantly. Low mass for reduced capacitive and inductive reactance. Optimized surface area and thickness. Designed for sound quality. Superior metallurgy. High purity Tellurium Copper with 24k Gold flashing, no Brass, no Nickel.



  • Incorporating high conductivity materials such as tellurium copper (TeCu) or pure silver (Ag) exclusively in the construction.
  • Optimising mass and thickness of the conductive element to enhance electron flow.
  • Proprietary locking mechanism utilising a nonconductive frictional pressure insert and coupling spring to secure connection rather than the conductive pin itself.
  • Attention to the mechanical aspects of the design to ensure the ultimate connection with all banana plug compatible binding posts
ETI Audio Pure Silver Bayonet Plugs



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