ETI Audio CablePods

ETI Audio CablePods

The ETI Audio CablePods elegantly addresses every important design challenge in a binding post. It carefully balances an improved audiophile grade electron flow with mechanical integrity, and does so in a binding post that is compatible with all common loudspeaker cable terminations.

The key to undisputed high performance of the CablePods is the pure Tellurium Copper (TeCu) pins—unique in the market and providing the highest levels of conductivity out of powered amplifiers and into speakers. Designed to be recognised as the peak of high performance audio binding posts. Metallic bling was disposed for high strength polymer to remove EMF influences. The ETI CablePods can be found installed in ultra-premium amplifiers and speakers around the world.

ETI Audio Gold Plated Copper CablePods



  • Creating the optimum shape, mass and thickness of the conductive element to enhance electron flow.
  • Incorporating high conductive materials such as tellurium copper or pure silver in the construction.
  • Attention to the mechanical aspects of the design to ensure the ultimate connection of any spade, banana plug or bare wire connection.
  • Removal of the securing nut from the conductive pathway.



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