Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps

Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps

Audiocadabra™ is a great global source for handcrafted cables and accessories. Here we present Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps, our audio-grade RCA Caps (a.k.a. shielding caps, dust caps, noise stopper caps…), that are crafted with carefully selected design, high quality brass and nickel plating process.

Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps

Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps are indispensable for keeping EMI/RFI, dust and corrosion from contaminating your A/V systems through unused female RCA jacks found on the back of a transport, tuner, DAC, amplifier, preamp, A/V receiver, subwoofer etc. Simply insert Audiocadabra Maximus™ Handcrafted RCA Caps on the unused RCA input/output jacks in your A/V system.

Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps are made from brass and then nickel plated for a smooth finish. These RCA caps are the real deal, they are the real all-metal caps and are not made of plastic or metallized plastic found in other budget RCA Caps. Audiocadabra Maximus™ RCA Caps are a more elegant and probably more effective solution than either shorting plugs or aluminium foil. We highly recommend using our all-metal RCA Caps in any A/V system regardless of cost, at these prices, you have no excuse for having a single uncovered RCA jack on your A/V components.

A set of Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps that will enable you to protect unused RCA jacks, at the back of your A/V system, from RFI/EMI, dust and corrosion.

Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted All-Metal RCA Caps



Why the Maximus™ RCA Caps are better:

  • Audio-grade all-metal RCA Caps.
  • These are not the same as fancy looking, mass-produced metallized plastic caps.
  • Great for any stereo or multi-channel audio equipment with unused RCA jacks.
  • Instantly improves your home audio experience.
  • Carefully selected design, high quality brass and nickel plating.
  • No ‘hard to remove grip’ like what is found on poorly made all-metal RCA caps.
  • Completely covers unused RCA jacks and protects it from EMI/RFI, dust and corrosion.
  • Manufactured and finished to specification.
  • Eligible for future upgrades and regrades.
  • Lifetime warranty, just post back for repairs.
  • Free worldwide shipping on orders over USD 89.



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Audiocadabra Maximus Handcrafted RCA Caps—In Use



Buy a set of 40 Audiocadabra™ Maximus™ Handcrafted RCA Caps for just USD 59.


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