Audiocadabra Xtrimus Solid-Electrum Wires

Unleash the emotion hidden in your music with Audiocadabra Xtrimus Solid-Electrum Wires. Here we present our audio grade 99.99% pure solid-electrum wires that are sheathed in PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon) insulation. Audiocadabra Xtrimus Solid-Electrum Wires are formulated and tuned using only the finest materials and is now available to the audio community and audio equipment manufacturers. Audiocadabra™ Xtrimus™ solid-electrum wires are custom manufactured using the highest quality materials and standards in the industry. You will not find better quality pure solid-electrum wires anywhere!

Our specially formulated blend allows to bring out the best from both the highly conductive precious metals. It balances the transparency of silver with the warmth of gold.

Audiocadabra Xtrimus Pure Solid-Electrum (4N Ag+24k Au) Bare Wire

Audiocadabra Xtrimus Solid-Electrum wire is meticulously drawn through special dies and follows special handling standards to minimize any surface marring, before the insulation process begins. Our unique PTFE insulation method is very difficult to implement, and has taken several years to perfect, achieves a dielectric constant of less than 2.0. A perfect vacuum is 1.0. and by comparison, most mass-market cables are likely to use PVC which is likely to have a dielectric constant of up to 4.0. Perfect for your signal wiring needs such as interconnects, chassis signal wire, speaker cables or even speaker crossover wire.

Audiocadabra Xtrimus Solid-Electrum Wires are perfectly suited for your high-end audio cable needs with an insulation that is easy to work with and can be customized with a choice of PTFE colors, voltage rating and cryogenic treatment to suit your audio project needs. Ideal for the cost-no-object audiophiles and manufacturers who are in pursuit of sublime performance from ultra-luxury custom accessories that appreciates its value over time. These audio grade solid-electrum wires can be made available in MOQ of 50m (164 ft.) spools with or without PTFE insulation.

Audiocadabra Xtrimus 99.99% Pure Solid-Electrum Wire In PTFE Insulation—Cutaway



  • The default PTFE insulation is rated at 250vAC. Higher rating of up to 1000vAC is available for a MOQ of 50m (164 ft.) spools or longer.
  • The default PTFE color is Grey. Other colors are available for a MOQ of 50m (164 ft.) spools or longer.
  • Can be made available in PTFE insulation or bare wire.
  • Cryogenic treatment is optional.


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