Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Handcrafted Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables

Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Handcrafted Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables
Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Handcrafted Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables

Buy the Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Handcrafted Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables for just USD 99 a stereo pair.

Experience the closest approach to the original signal with Audiocadabra™ custom handcrafted audio cables and accessories! We are delighted to present to you the Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Handcrafted Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables, our level-2 audio-grade jumper cables, that are crafted with carefully selected 99.99% pure solid-core copper conductors individually sheathed in PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon), hand-braided and terminated with high-performance silver-clad pure copper spade connectors.

Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables provide neutral spectral balance, greater dynamics, greater purity of tone, are more resolving and have a more cohesive presentation, atypical of cables found at this price point. They are a great choice for experienced audiophiles.

A set of 04 Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Handcrafted Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables which will enable upgrading/replacing your stock solid brass speaker jumpers.



Why the Optimus Ultra™ Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables are better than the best:

  • Our level-2 audio-grade jumper cables that uses pure copper from tip-to-tip.
  • Solder-less and brass-less high performance cable design.
  • Handcrafted cables with proprietary Teflon wires and high-performance connectors.
  • Terminated with low-mass Audiocadabra Silver-Clad Pure Copper Spade Connectors.
  • Fits all terminals that accept spades.
  • Select between 04 different lengths at no additional cost.
  • 99.99% pure solid-core copper conductors individually sheathed in PTFE.
  • PTFE (a.k.a. Teflon) dielectric manufactured and sheathed to specification.
  • 12 AWG design with carefully selected conductors and geometry for optimum signal flow.
  • Hand-braided construction for superior EMI/RFI noise reduction.
  • They are not the same as fancy looking and lesser performing cables.
  • These cables sound more open and transparent than expensive mass-market brands.
  • Ideal for reference hi-res audio playback.
  • Instantly improves your home audio listening experience.
  • Neutral sounding jumper cables that is faithful to the original signal.
  • Eligible for future upgrades and regrades.
  • Lifetime warranty, just post back for repairs.
  • Free worldwide shipping.



What sets the Audiocadabra Optimus Ultra Handcrafted Solid-Core Copper Jumper Cables apart from the competition is that they have no brass contacts, no nickel plating, no PVC/plastic sheathing and no solder too as found in standard mass-manufactured fancy speaker cables. These cables are made of high-purity (99.99%) solid-core copper conductors, individually sheathed in PTFE, that make them particularly challenging to craft and the hand-braided construction offers superior EMI/RFI noise reduction.



  • Remove your existing speaker cables and stock solid brass/after-market jumpers.
  • Clean/dust the speaker binding posts with a dry cloth.
  • Place the Audiocadabra Jumpers red (+) and black (-) on the respective binding posts. If in doubt please check the speakers’ user manual for correct usage.
  • Press the jumpers at its neck so that they form a shape and the spade connectors are absolutely flat at the bottom of the speaker’s binding posts.
  • Place the speaker cables with spade connectors exactly above the Audiocadabra Jumper Spades (see picture below) and tighten all the binding posts.
  • The above step ensures that the signal passes the jumpers first and offers a very cohesive presentation.
  • For speakers cables with banana plugs just connect them as normal after the Audiocadabra Jumper Cables are installed.
  • For bare unterminated speaker cables, let the bare wire be placed above the Audiocadabra Jumper Spades before tightening the binding posts.
  • Connecting the speaker wires on the High Frequency (HF) or the Low Frequency (LF) speaker binding posts will surely alter/tip the spectral balance of the sound. It’s best to follow the speaker manufacturer’s recommendation as suggested in the user manual/website or you may follow what actually sounds best to you.



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